Handy Tips for Selling

As experts in selling and marketing, we will be there to sell your property as soon as we can for you. However, we can provide you, as the seller, with certain tips and advice that you can do to speed the process along and assist you in selling your house.

Blank Canvas

Buyers may prefer a blank canvas so they can make their own mark on the property. Even though bright pink and yellow wallpaper is your preference, your home may not be decorated to their liking. Many viewers would hope to visualise their tastes and preferences for the property during the viewing. For example, a new coat of neutral paint in a bold room, such as a child’s bedroom, could aid their visualisation.

The Gardens, Driveway and First impressions

Making a good first impression is a very important factor in influencing prospective buyers. This does not exclusively include the interior of the house, but the garden as well. Viewers consider whether the garden is well kept, has a bit of colour from flowers and whether there are weeds in the drive. Their decision may also be influenced by the cleanliness of a car or whether the fence is needing a new coat of paint. These are the small things that make a big difference.


Be sure to open curtains and blinds for viewings and utilise artificial light if necessary. Rooms can appear smaller than they are by keeping curtains shut. Plus, you don’t want to hide beautiful views or a stunning sunset away from potential buyers.


A lot of the time, people aren’t only interested in buying the house, but the lifestyle too. Friendly neighbours can be a big factor in aiding the prospects of a sale. You could inform the neighbours of when people are viewing the property and ask if they could say hello or tell the viewers a bit about the area. Every person who views your house could be a potential neighbour.

Clutter-free Photos

Making sure your house is tidy and free from clutter is very important, not only for viewings but also for property photos. Despite the fact that the viewers are not buying your belongings, the placement and position of them can affect their vision of the property. It sometimes takes a lot for people to look past clutter.